pokemon shrine!!

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pokemon is my oldest special interest! ever since i can remember, i've loved the franchise. i watched the anime until i was able to get my hands on my first game, which was a used copy of pokemon diamond. when i opened the game, it had the maximum amount of hours logged on a profile named kevin. i didn't know how to delete the save file, so i decided to just play it. inside i found a completed pokedex, a ton of random level 100 pokemon, and hundreds of masterballs. i never restarted the file, and i still have it to this day! kevin, if you're out there, i hope you're doing well and still hacking items into nintendo games!!
my first game of my own was soul silver, and i tragically lost all of my pokemon when my game cartidge was crushed 💔. rip to bell the fearow and quilliam the extremely overlevelled typhlosion. for my birthday, my grandpa preordered pokemon black for me, and i had an absolute blast with the game after getting my mom to buy me an action replay. i still have my starter (a level 100 serperior named SERVICIOUS), and a ton of the hacked shiny pokemon with stupid names in pokemon bank!

pokemon silver

when i was around 17, i desperately searched online for a copy of soul silver, but could only find them for $100+ :[ so i decided it might be cheaper to buy a copy of the original silver and a gameboy color - and it was. i purchased it and waited eagerly for it's arrival. the gameboy arrived with minimal damage, just some corroded batteries and a staticky speaker, which weren't major issues for me. the game arrived a couple days later. when i started up the game, i got a female cyndaquil and named her bagel, played for about an hour, and then saved the game. when i started it back up, my save file was gone. i completely forgot about the battery in old gameboy games. if it dies, your game is playable but not saveable. so i grabbed my mom's toolbox and opened the thing up, replaced the battery, and it worked perfectly fine. my team for the entire game was three pokemon, only two up until i got lugia. of course i had hm pokemon, but they were underleveled and basically just used to switch and heal my other pokemon.

bagel ♂

windows xp ♂

baby alive

pokemon platinum

pokemon platinum was an impulse purchase after i saw it for $15 on ebay. i snatched it up and played through the game, catching (almost) everything by myself. i traded over a fossil from my hacked diamond version so that i could get an aerodactyl. i erased the original save so i could play the story again, and i don't remember what my toxicroak was named :[

andre 3000 ♂

carmella ♀

morgan ♀

nem ♂

toxicroak ♂


pokemon moon

pokemon moon was a game i was a bit conflicted about. i love the game, and i loved it when i played through it too! but the fandom as a whole did not like this game and it was very upsetting sometimes, lol. the ride pokemon and the trials instead of gyms were really fun, and i enjoyed battling the totem pokemon.

scrappy ♂

erina ♀

si ♂

espeon ♂

breloom ♂