about me! (psst, drag me!)

name: niko! you can call me nick, nicky, gothz/g0thz, or val if you want, though!

pronouns: he/him only! don't call me by anythin else!!!

20yrs | wasian | fucked up and evil autistic guy from hell

hiii im the webmaster (duh...), welcome to the page that's all about me! im currently 20 & my birthday is the 8th of september. im an artist & i enjoy drawing and creating characters! i never know what to write in these things 😓 so this is all for now lol!


unfortunately, i do happen to be a kinnie! whoops! here's a list of characters i relate to!



american horror story, attack on titan, better call saul, blue exorcist, breaking bad, full metal alchemist, hannibal (nbc), jojo's bizarre adventure, jurassic park & jurassic world trilogies, my hero academia,my little pony: friendship is magic, neon genesis evangelion, silence of the lambs, the disastrous life of saiki k, the last unicorn, who framed roger rabbit


among us, dramatical murder, fallout, metal gear solid, minecraft, pokemon, the legend of zelda



cosplay, drawing (lol), making kandi


cats, insects, warrior cats,